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Items You Can Carry In a Backpack First Aid Kit

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Backpack first aid kit must have a number of items. One of the items you must carry is the survival kit. The kit will add a few ounces on to your backpack but may be of help when one experiences emergencies that require immediate medical attention. The kit can help solve a number of problems ranging from painful blisters that form while you are hiking or could contain painkillers to deal with a throbbing headache that is persistent. Other ailments that make it mandatory for one to carry backpack first aid kit include stomach cramping and diarrhea. The kit must also have laceration oozing neon goo and medication that can take care of cold.

Backpack First Aid Kits

Carrying heavy first aid kit is tedious hence the need to equip yourself with this weightless backpack which can stock all the essentials you may require in case of an emergency. Among the medication you need to stock include anti-inflammatory analgesic such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen and acetaminophen. Off course the kit will not be complete if its content excludes anti-diarrhea medication. Antacids must also be included in the bag and one has an option of choosing Imodium which can be given to pets such as a dog if you are traveling with one.


The eye drop can help alleviate problems associated with dry eyes. This is necessary for individuals who are going out and who are most likely to involve themselves in skiing. Eye swelling can be taken care of by the eye drop because a swelling on the eye may make it difficult for you to wear your glasses when skiing. Other items which can easily be packed in the backpack first aid kit include Sterile Gauze which can easily be put in the ziplock bag. The bag must also have a number of adhesive a waterproof tape rolled on to a sewing thread.


The tools to include in the backpack first aid kit
Several tools can easily fit into the bag. They include the Duct Tape which may be rolled onto a water bottle. The tweezers are also vital and must also be packed in to the bag. One must also remember to include safety pins which can be used to secure the bandage whenever need arises. A needle with a thread, a match box and digging out splinters may also be included. Medical gloves including a surgical knife and sanitary towels can all fit in to the first aid kit and can be essential especially when you want to administer first aid to a person who is bleeding. Remember to include a water proof match in the backpack first aid kit to help in starting the fire when bad weather sets in.

Backpack First Aid Kit

People will remember to put most of the items mentioned above in the travel first aid kit but they will forget an emergency blanket which is one of the important items especially when going out for hiking. Finally, one must remember to carry emergency signaling devices just in case he gets stranded and needs assistance. We have backpack kits available for hiking and biking, like this one:waterproof Empty First Aid Bag FS-9206.